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Monsanto’s Michael Taylor is the second highest-ranking official at the FDA, Food Safety Czar

Update (02/05/12): There is a recent petition going around at Signon.Org, once again ,attempting to remedy the situation of having Michael Taylor, former Monsanto exec, in a high ranking position at the FDA. this position is intended to be deliver to President Obama. Taylor, nor any Monsanto employee, should be allowed to be FDA employees; it’s a very dangerous conflict of interest.

Actually this isn’t new news. Michael Taylor, ex exec for mega-evil genetic food modifier Monsanto was appointed FDA Food Safety Czar by the Obama Administration in 2009. Of course that is something that should never have happened as it’s a major conflict of interest. The reason the topic has come up now is that there is a petition circulating to try to get President Obama to fire Taylor by organizations like and Credo Action Network.

The fact that he was even hired at all for the position is even further reason the United States is going to lose in the long run and is no longer the sweet land of liberty. Corporate interest and takeovers of the government isn’t supposed to happen here. This is where the government is failing the people severely and the people are failing themselves by not reacting through action at such an injustice.

The Food and Drug Administration is running sting operations followed by “guns-drawn raids usually reserved for terrorists and drug lords” as part of a crackdown on unpasteurized milk. Meanwhile, the FDA is letting the highly consolidated industrial meat and factory farm industry off the hook despite growing problems.

Not surprisingly, the person responsible for prioritizing armed raids on small dairies over holding agribusiness accountable is a former Monsanto attorney and chief super lobbyist. Monsanto’s Michael Taylor is the second highest-ranking official at the FDA, and as Food Safety Czar is responsible for implementing the day-to-day policies that govern the food safety laws for the U.S.

Monsanto is attacking organic, family and generational farmers to put them out of business or come into the fold. By being allowed to patent genome of their genetically modified crops they invoke the wrath of patent infringement law upon farmers when the wind blows some of their GMO seeds into their fields. Farmers organic and non Monsanto crops become tainted with these frankenseeds. Since the farmer doesn’t have the right to produce product from the patented seeds they are fined and intimidated heavily. What’s more, Monsanto doesn’t allow farmers enslaved to them to keep their seeds to replant in the next season. They have to buy from them again. Did I mention that their Round-Up pesticide is destroying the soil all together as well so your farm will slowly become useless? How about that over 270,000 farmers have filed suit against Monsanto? Or that India took them to court for violations? In the midst of the Haiti earthquake destruction the farmers there told Monsanto to suck it when the corporation sent them free seeds as a donation. Yes that’s right, starving people with nothing left after the worst devastation their country has ever seen didn’t want Monsanto’s garbage. Yet the US government thinks they are capable enough to oversee your food safety. I could have sworn this was the type of practice Obama said he wasn’t going to do.

Maybe it’s me but when you are sued by 270,000 people I think the government should take a look at what you are doing instead of hiring you to do a job related to what you are being sued for. Petition signed.


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